Saturday, June 07, 2008

Take Me There

Colasanti, Susane. 2008. Take Me There.

I really really enjoyed her first novel, When It Happens, so I think my expectations were a little too high for this one. I think this is a nice read, a good read. One that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to teen romance fans, or to teen fans of realistic fiction. It's got drama--lots and lots of drama: school, family, friendship, love. It has three narrators. Two girls--best friends--and one guy. All three are friends. This book, in some ways, is just as much about falling out of love as it is falling in it. Both female narrators have recently broken up with their boyfriends. And now that I think about it, the male narrator had also recently broken up with his girlfriend. Funny how I didn't realize that before. Anyway, this novel is about letting go, moving on, and making it through each day. It covers so many things, and the characterization is really quite good. All three are developed nicely. And some of the classmates are as well. Characterization doesn't really extend to the narrators' families, however, the parents are rarely if ever a part of the action. But that's not a bad thing necessarily, it's a typical thing.

Anyway, I liked this one. But I didn't love this one. I think other readers may have a better, stronger response.

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