Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Cat Who Played Brahms

The Cat Who Played Brahms. Lilian Jackson Braun. 1987. Penguin. 256 pages.

For Jim Qwilleran, veteran journalist, it was one of the most appalling moments of his career.

Jim Qwilleran has had many jobs at The Daily Fluxion, and when the novel opens, he's on his way to being offered a new job as an investigative reporter. But. For Jim that might not be enough. For he's a little unsettled. And what he wants, what he really wants, is time away. He asks for three months vacation. He wants to spend some quiet time in the country at his aunt's cabin by the lake. He may even do a little writing. So he says. But the country may not prove all that quiet and peaceful. And, no, it's not because Koko and Yum Yum, his Siamese, are too lively. (Though to see them in action is something! For example, when someone tries to break into Jim's place, Koko can hold his own and then some!) No, there's something strange going on in this lake community.

For starters, the not-so-hidden messages on cassette tapes...

Even on vacation it seems Qwill and Koko are in demand to solve a mystery! I am enjoying these Cat Who books so much!!! I would definitely recommend them to cat-lovers or mystery lovers!

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Lisa said...

Becky, do your really think someone who likes mysteries but doesn't much like cats would like this book? Just curious.

Lisa (http://myliteraryleanings.wordpress.com)

Becky said...

Lisa, I don't necessarily think someone who HATES cats, who LOATHES cats would enjoy this one. They'd probably find other mysteries they'd enjoy more. A love for cats is not an essential.