Friday, June 17, 2011

SiS Readathon: Report #1

So it's time for the report at the end of day one of the Spring Into Summer Readathon. I'll be reading for a couple more hours tonight--at least--but I probably won't do any more updating until tomorrow morning. Since my last update, I've read in two books--not finishing either of them...yet. I've read 100 pages in Agatha Christie's Nemesis, and I've read 74 pages in Elana Johnson's Possession. 

It is now: 9:10 PM
Total Books Read: 5
Books Read From: 9
Total Pages Read: 1291
Books Read Since Last Update: 0
Pages Read Since Last Update: 174
Total Time read: 445

My favorite read of the day is The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic by Jennifer Trafton.
I enjoyed the book puzzle and the book-title-sentences. 
I've loved reading!
I don't have a least favorite thing. I mean I've gotten sleepy at several points of the day because I've been focused so much on reading.
Yes, I've definitely met my goals!
I plan on participating tomorrow. I think I'll take a few more breaks throughout the day. But I still plan on reading.

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hey becky! i was pretty pumped this morning to see you following me, so i thought i'd drop by and say HI and return the favor!