Sunday, June 26, 2011

Joining the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge

I knew that Kerrie was trying to read Agatha Christie's novels in the order of publication, but I didn't know it was an official-official reading challenge where readers could read at their own pace and in whatever order they liked. So I am happy to join this one--a little late, perhaps. But I've been reading Christie for all of 2011, so I'm going to "count" those too. I am relatively sure the challenge was open at that point. And there's a monthly Agatha Christie book carnival too! (When I think of all the reviews I could have been submitting...oh well, what's done is done!)

  1. The Mysterious Affair At Styles.  
  2. Murder on the Orient Express.
  3. Murder at the Vicarage. A Miss Marple Mystery.  
  4. The A.B.C. Murders. (Hercule Poirot).  
  5. The Body in the Library. (Miss Marple).
  6. Five Little Pigs. (Hercule Poirot)
  7. A Murder is Announced.
  8. 4:50 From Paddington
  9. Cards on the Table.  
  10. Appointment with Death.  
  11. At Bertram's Hotel
  12. Cat Among the Pigeons
  13. Sad Cypress.  
  14. And Then There Were None
  15. The Moving Finger
  16. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  17. A Caribbean Mystery.  
  18. The Big Four.  
  19. Evil Under the Sun.  
  20. Taken at the Flood.  
  21. Dead Man's Folly.
  22. Nemesis
  23. Elephants Can Remember. Agatha Christie.  
  24. A Murder on the Links
  25.  A Pocket Full of Rye.
  26. Dumb Witness.
  27. Hercule Poirot's Christmas.  [2011 ends]
  28. The Tuesday Club Murders. Agatha Christie.  
  29. Poirot Investigates. Agatha Christie. 1924/2011. HarperCollins. 256 pages.
  30. Mrs. McGinty's Dead. Agatha Christie. 1952/2011. HarperCollins. 272 pages.   
  31. The Man in the Brown Suit. Agatha Christie. 1924/2012. HarperCollins. 320 pages.
  32. One, Two Buckle My Shoe. Agatha Christie. 1940/2011. HarperCollins. 240 pages.    
  33. The Seven Dials Mystery. Agatha Christie. 1929/2012. HarperCollins. 304 pages.
  34. The Secret Adversary. Agatha Christie. 1922/2012. HarperCollins. 352 pages. 
  35. The Mystery of the Blue Train. Agatha Christie. 1928/2011. HarperCollins. 320 pages.
  36. The Secret of Chimneys. Agatha Christie. 1925/2012. HarperCollins. 336. 

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