Monday, November 02, 2020

133. The Rules Have Changed

The Rules Have Changed. Lesley Choyce. 2021. [January] 120 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence:  “The rules have changed.” That’s the first thing I was told when I showed up on my first day back at school. What rules? I wanted to ask. What kind of changes? But I decided to say nothing and keep my mouth shut. Why? Well, because everything about the school freaked me out. The uniforms. The kids staring at those slim metallic phones. The look on everyone’s faces. I can’t quite explain it. Let’s just say they looked stern and serious.

 Premise/plot: Blake and his family are in for a shock when they return from an extended boating trip--three whole years disconnected from society and world events. Blake has trouble fitting in and conforming with the new rules and expectations. His parents have trouble finding jobs. Life is unpleasant--but is it also dangerous?

My thoughts: This was a quick read written for young adults. I would say it's more action-driven or premise-driven than character-driven. That isn't a bad thing--just a thing. I'll also add that it doesn't really have an ending in the traditional sense--more a cliffhanger of sorts? It is a dystopian-in-the-making.

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