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137. Three Sisters

Three Sisters. Susan Payne. 2020. 155 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Devlin walked into the casino as usual and as usual it was unremarkable, the patrons behaving in a civilized manner, taking their losses quietly and their wins with much more enthusiasm. His gaze moved around the room, searching for anyone who may be cheating the unsuspecting townspeople, someone used to dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Premise/plot: Three Sisters is set primarily in Texas in 1874. Bea and her two sisters are searching for their brother, Mick. Mick is a gambler that left them years and years ago. Now that both of their parents have died, the need to find him and reunite is stronger than ever. But it won't be easy. Along the way, the sisters will be tempted away from their 'mission' as each falls in love...

The three sisters are Bea, Andy, and Trudy...the three men they fall in love with are Devlin, Walker, and Preston. 

My thoughts: Three Sisters was an enjoyable read. I've read a handful of Payne's romance novels over the past week, and this by far is my favorite. I think it has been edited better and has fewer mistakes. (I only found two mistakes--both spelling, descent instead of decent; and irrupted instead of erupted.) 

I thought this one had good, solid storytelling and characterization. In the previous novels, they've started out strong--really strong--and then weakened as smutty content was introduced. The storytelling remained strong throughout this time. It was so great to see.

It does have smut. But it's much more balanced overall. We get a sneak peek into all three sisters' bedrooms. But while graphic, it's not so extraordinarily excessive that it is nothing but smut. 

I think my favorite part was seeing Devlin and Bea grow together AS a married couple expecting their first child.

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