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142. Kisses for Christmas

Kisses for Christmas. Dana Volney. 2020. COMPLETE GUESS 250? pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence of Holiday Hoopla: Halle Adams leaned against the counter and propped herself up on her elbows. She stared at the pink, bottlebrush Christmas tree on the jewelry case. The glittered star shimmered in the Christmas lights. So simple. So pretty. So… She sighed. 

Premise/plot: Halle Adams, our heroine, and Blake Ellison, our hero, agree to "date" one another for the holiday season. He needs someone to attend ALL the holiday functions and help him schmooze. She needs a loan from the bank to help save her business. Will this business arrangement be complicated by attraction and feels? 

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this mostly clean--if not entirely clean--holiday-themed romance novella. I enjoyed seeing these two fall for one another and while the attraction was instant the relationship was not. I don't like instant relationships--not in comparison to those that are actually crafted and developed over many pages.

First sentence of Christmas Clash: Luke Carrigan crumpled the unwanted letter in his hand and swung open the glass door to the flower shop with the other. Silver chimes cheerily flickered above him, and if he could’ve turned around and karate chopped them down, he would’ve. 

Premise/plot: Christmas Clash is set in the same small town of Casper, Wyoming. It actually stars--for its heroine--the sister of the hero in Holiday Hoopla. Candace Ellison, our heroine, owns a flower shop. Luke Carrigan, our hero, owns a bar. Both businesses are in danger from the City Council's upcoming plans to build a convention center. These two have a history of clashing--going back to elementary school--but it will take team work to save the day. Can these two overcome their obstacles?

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this one. I did. It was probably my favorite of the three. Maybe. It was just a treat to read. Again, it was mostly--if not entirely--clean. There is a LOT of attraction going on--thinking, daydreaming, etc. 

First sentence Candlelight Conspiracy: Sophie Graystone stepped out of the shower as steam burst past her, filling the tiny bathroom. Her achy muscles finally relaxed after a day spent working at Kiss From A Rose flower shop and playing a full set at the Bombay Club. 

Premise/plot: Sophie is a character introduced in Christmas Clash. She works part time at the flower shop Candace owns and part time as a musician in a band. She's a singer/songwriter too. She has a super-cute but super-unfriendly neighbor, Marc Sizzo. He's a chef. When the lights go out--and they often do--these two neighbors get together for some friendly chats--that go deep--and some meals. But what both of them really want is a physical relationship without complications....

My thoughts: Since the first two novellas were on the cleaner side of romance, I wasn't expecting all the smut to be piled into one little novella!!! It almost overwhelms the poor little story. If you are looking for adult content, then this may be for you. Especially if stories about strangers connecting during power outages is your thing. But if you are looking for clean, sweet romances without so much smut...well...this last story might be worth skipping?  The story wasn't poorly written--for the record.

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