Thursday, October 23, 2008

BTT: Coupling

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Monica suggested this one:

Got this idea from Literary Feline during her recent contest:

“Name a favorite literary couple and tell me why they are a favorite. If you cannot choose just one, that is okay too. Name as many as you like–sometimes narrowing down a list can be extremely difficult and painful. Or maybe that’s just me.”

Anne and Gilbert. Big surprise, right? I've only been on my Anne kick for a few weeks now. :) I love Anne and Gilbert's story. I love how destined they were...and how stubborn...and how patient...and how wonderfully romantic they were.

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SmilingSally said...

Show off--with a video! (lol)

Becky, you don't know me well enough for me to leave that answer without explaining that I meant it as a joke.

Anonymous said...

Awwww I love Anne Shirley and that actress was EXACTLY how I thought that she would be.

Lindsey said...

Anne and Gilbert - of course! :-) They're my favorite, too.

Here's my BTT post!

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously thinking of putting this into the DVD player. Love it!