Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Travel the World: Canada: Anne of Avonlea

Montgomery, L.M. 1909. Anne of Avonlea.

Anne of Avonlea is the second book in the Anne series by L.M. Montgomery. Anne has graduated from Queens now, and is ready to begin her teaching career. She'll be teaching at the Avonlea school. She is still quite chummy with Diana Barry and Gilbert Blythe. And she is almost (but not quite) just as prone to getting into trouble as she ever was.

This second book adds some great characters: Mr. Harrison, the cranky neighbor with a parrot; Davy and Dora, the twins Marilla adopts; Paul Irving, the boy-from-the-States with a big imagination and a way with words; and Miss Lavendar, the "old" maid that has spent most of her years in seclusion but who is a true kindred spirit. And it has some great adventures or "incidents" that I love. Painting the debate hall that horrid shade of blue. Prophesying Uncle Abe's "big storm." The charming love story of Miss Lavendar and Mr. which it is shown that it is never too late for one's Prince to return and for love to take hold.

I love Anne Shirley. I love her world. I love her friends. These books are just magical.

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Beth F said...

I love Anne Shirley! I really should re-read the whole series (again!). I recently got Before Green Gables, by Budge Wilson. It tells the story of Anne's early life. I'm hoping to get to it soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! I love the Anne of Green Gables series! Seeing this post made me want to re-read them.

Dewey said...

It really is a great combination of characters and setting, isn't it?

I had this book from the library for so long, but I had to return it before I got to read it. But I loved the first book so much I'm sure I'll get to this one soon. I actually think I have it from Bookmooch now. I should look for it.

Sarah M. said...

I found your review on Saturday Review. I'm currently reading Anne of Avonlea (for the second time in my life). I had forgotten how good this story was. So many rich characters that were left out of the movie.