Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poison Ink

Golden, Christopher. 2008. Poison Ink.

In a way, Poison Ink reminded me of Devilish, Zombie Blondes, and Dead Is The New Black. It is the story of friendship that becomes warped and twisted guessed it...poison ink. Sammi (only her parents can get away with calling her Samantha) has four best friends--T.Q., Letty, Caryn, and Katsuko (don't even think about calling her Kat). And while at a last-chance-slumber party (the weekend before school starts), one of them suggests that they should all get tattoos to show how bonded and super-loyal they are. Each of the five girls having the exact same tattoo. True, they're all under eighteen. And true, none of them would have the consent of their parents. But surely there is someone out there willing and able to help these girls out, right?

Enter Dante. A smooth-talking tattoo artist who just happens to be inspired to create a unique tattoo on the spot for these strange-but-attractive girls that have stumbled into his tattoo parlor. What's the problem? Don't get me started. But it's really quite simple. Sammi starts having doubts about getting a tattoo. She has BIG doubts. And so she refuses. Only problem is that all four of her friends now seriously hate her.

Friendless or almost so at any rate, Sammi is one of the first to notice just how strange her friends--or former friends--are becoming. It is like they're completely different people. Angry. Bitter. Slutty. Violent. And there is even a rumor or two that they're on drugs. And did I mention they've all started cutting classes?

What's a girl to do. Sammi to the rescue! She's determined to figure out why her friends have become "possessed" (for lack of a better word) and to do all that she can--at no small risk--to get her friends back.

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Rhinoa said...

This sounds fun. I like the idea of demon possession tattoos! You might like The Black Tatoo which has a couple of similar ideas in a more Darren Shan kind of horror way. Check out the right side bar of my blog for a review somewhere in the list! I will add this one to my list.

Anonymous said...

I respect your work very much. Well worded talent goes far in the author career. Keep up the good work, so far I've clearly understood and followed up with your writings and I just want to throw some kudos at you, very good to hear people putting their mind to words the clear way :)
Anyways, until the next time I run across your page, c ya' ciao!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reading a Golden book! :)