Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book Thief Schedule

In January, my online reading group Reading With Becky will be reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, email me and I'll send you an invite to the group. The schedule is just a loose guideline...more to keep me on track than something for readers to stress about.

December 26th through January 1--Introduction

If you plan to participate, take a few minutes and share your initial thoughts on the book. The cover. The title. The blurbs. The jacket description. The first paragraph. The prologue. Whatever.

January 3--Day One

If you haven't already shared your thoughts on the prologue, do so now. Try to have read the prologue through The Kiss. (For the paperback edition, that's pp 3-55). (If you're listening to the audio book, it's the first disc.)

January 6--Day Two

Read The Jesse Owens Incident through Dead Letters. (In paperback, 56-100) (In audio book, disc two).

January 9--Day Three

Read Hitler's Birthday through The Attributes of Summer. (In paperback 101-153). In audio book, disc three and the first three tracks of disc four).

January 12--Day Four

Read The Aryan Shopkeeper through The Wrath of Rosa. (In paperback 154-198)(In audio book, the rest of disc four.)

January 15--Day Five

Read Liesel's Lecture - The Gamblers. (In paperback, 199-286) (In audio book, disc five and the first seven tracks of disc six.)

January 18--Day Six

Read Rudy's Youth through The Schmunzeler. (In paperback, 287-348.) (In audio book, rest of disc six, all of disc seven.)

January 21--Day Seven

Read Death's Diary-The Parisians through The Long Walk to Dachau. (In paperback 349-396. In audio book, all of disc eight)

January 24--Day Eight

Read Peace through The Hidden Sketchbook. (In paperback, 397-451. In audio book, disc nine and the first four tracks of disc ten.)

January 27--Day Nine

Read The Anarchist's Suit Collection through The End of the World Part One. (In paperback, 397-499). In audio book, the rest of disc ten.

January 30--Day Ten

Read The Ninety-Eighth Day - The Handover Man (the end). In paperback, 500-550. In audio book, disc eleven.
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MySharonAnne said...

oh that sounds like fun. I have a copy of the book already too.

Renay said...

Oh, I totally want to do this! I'm sending you an e-mail right now. :)

Michele said...

Count me in, please. I may be stretching myself too thin for January, but I have this book and have been wanting to read it for a long time now and you just gave me a great excuse to pull it out!

Sending you an email now.....