Monday, December 08, 2008


Kasischke, Laura. 2008. Feathered.

What can I say about this one but that it was predictable except for when it wasn't? It is the story of three girls--three teens--who go to Mexico for spring break their senior year of high school. They expect to have fun; they expect to flirt--and perhaps even more--with strangers; they expect to drink a lot. But what these girls didn't expect, didn't plan for, was the possibility that one of them wouldn't be coming back...

Michelle, Anne, and Terri. I'm going to be honest. Terri doesn't really fit into this story. She's a third wheel. A character that isn't a part of the action. Anne and Michelle have always, always been best friends. Terri is an add-on, a girl who hangs out with them sometimes. But she's not part of the inner circle. The book is told alternately by Michelle and Anne. Anne's narrative is first person. Michelle's narrative is third person.

Two of these girls make foolish decisions and risk their lives. (It's not Terri. As I said, she's not in the story much at all.) One of them will pay for this foolishness more than the other. Though neither will be the same ever again.

The book was okay. I wasn't horribly wowed. And I wasn't that surprised on the path this plot took...chapter after went all as I expected or predicted...but then there is the ending. And the ending just didn't work for me.

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