Thursday, December 18, 2008

BTT: Generosity

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Do you give books as gifts?

To everyone? Or only to select people?

How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

Yes. It just comes naturally.

Not 'everyone' but almost everyone. While some books lend themselves to be good for non-readers, others just don't. (Nonfiction books with lots of pictures and/or charts can be a big hit.) And I haven't figured out a way to turn the-love-of-legos-and-action-figures into a book yet. And since I haven't figured out a way to blog for free legos yet...I'm stumped as to what to get my brother-in-law.

People rarely buy me books. I suppose the reasoning is that I've either already got it or don't want it. That isn't exactly true, if I ask for a book--especially Bibles--then I tend to get it. But plain-old-fiction, nothing spontaneous, nothing recent. I do like picking out my own books. So gift cards for me are GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT fun.

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SmilingSally said...

I guess comic books might be good for the lego guy. I like books or a gift certificate for a bookstore. Hey Becky, come see my answer!

Kathleen said...

Gift cards/certificates are always a plus!