Thursday, December 04, 2008


Taylor, Brooke. 2008. Undone.

Undone is a story of friendship and grief. Kori and Serena are best friends. Though when they first met they appeared to come from very different worlds. Now, after several years of close friendship, the girls are inseparable. In fact, the girls are becoming more difficult to tell apart. Serena, our narrator, could never imagine a day could come where she'd be separated from Kori. But Kori's tragic death hits Serena hard. Serena decides one way for her to deal, to cope with her friend's death is to complete her friend's list. A list which started as a school assignment--to list five things they would never dream could really happen--takes on a whole new meaning. What's on Kori's list? 1. Sing with Bleeder Valve. 2. Get a tattoo. 3. Work things out with Shay. 4. Confront D. 5. Tell Serena. The list doesn't make a whole lot of sense to Serena--there are mysteries to be solved, secrets to be discovered. Serena is not alone--although she may feel it at times. There are a few people--two guys especially--who become rather important to Serena on her journey. Then, of course, there is the friction between Serena and her mother, Destiny.

First sentence: There they were--the worst words in all of the English language, scribbled in my mother's perky handwriting. "Let's Talk." I snatched the Post-it off the refrigerator door and glared at it. It didn't matter who said them--parent, teacher, or police officer--nothing good ever came of those words. (5)

Undone is well written. And it's a good book--a very good book even. A fact which is neither here nor there is that this one is set in Colorado. I seem to have stumbled across a few books this year set in Colorado--just something odd that I've noticed with this years reading.

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Serena said...

This cover is smashing...I'm totally captivated!

Anonymous said...

I was about to say the same thing about the cover. ^^

Your review makes me very much want to read this novel. Added to my book-whishlist. Thanks!