Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Travel the World: Lolaland

Today I just came up short on having an international book to share with you. But I did happen to watch an episode of Charlie and Lola. The creator of these characters is maybe it counts a little anyway. The title of this one was "Welcome to Lolaland." Here's the summary: "When Lola finds Charlie and Marv studying Spanish, she asks them all sorts of questions about foreign countries. She wants to know how to get to them, what they eat there, what music they play and more. Then, together with Soren Lorenson, she creates Lolaland. This imaginary new country is an island shaped like Lola's face and features famous landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Big Ben. It even has its own language --- Lola Language."

I love Lola's invented country. A country where you wear sunglasses, striped socks, and rain hats. A country where you eat biscuits (cookies). A country where you do springy-bouncy dances. The whole episode is just too much fun. Lola happens to learn about a few real countries--Spain, India, Japan, Russia--which inspires her to create her own unique country for her to visit since she can't practically go to other countries with her hand-drawn passport--no matter that she's packed and ready to go!

I watched the episode with a big smile on my face. I started to think...if you could invent a country...what would it be like...what would people would they dress...what would they eat...etc. I think this would be fun activity for children (of all ages) to take a few minutes to ponder...

I *hope* that this episode is one of the Charlie and Lola episodes that gets turned into a book. It would be a fun one.

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Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

Charlie and Lola are definately fun. My boys are just a little young for them though!