Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Everything You Want

Shoup, Barbara. 2008. Everything You Want.

Everything You Want is a coming-of-age story where it's okay to not be okay. On the surface, our narrator, Emma, has everything she 'needs' to be happy. She's got a loving and supporting family. It's her freshman year of college. She has a more-than-decent roommate to share her dorm. But everything feels wrong, feels off to Emma. And this 'offness' is only magnified when her family wins the lottery and becomes millionaires. Money can't buy happiness for Emma, or for her parents who begin to drift apart, or for her older sister. Money isn't the answer it seems on how to make her life feel right. Emma is clueless as to just what to do to "fix" her life. She's unsure of what she wants, uncertain of what she needs. She's uncomfortable in her own skin, but doesn't know how to 'fix' that. No matter where she goes, who she's with, she can't run away from herself, from her struggle to just be...to be content.

I liked this one. Loved it in a few places even. But as a whole, I can't say that I loved it. Emma's problems are all-too-real no matter your age. There are times in life when you're just not feeling it, where no matter what you do you can't seem to be the person you think you want to be or need to be. So I could relate to Emma. But I wasn't so in love with the lottery elements of the plot. Still, I'd feed comfortable recommending this one.

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