Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Dangers of Thinking...Vote Please!

This is all COMPLETELY hypothetical at this point. Some people did express interest in reading Gone With The Wind. (I know there were at least two people from the NovelChallenge yahoo group. And at least two or three people voted for it in my poll last week.) But there was voiced concern that it was just TOO long and would require TOO much commitment. Or else there was no interest at all in reading it.

As far as scheduling it in goes, I'm thinking April and May probably. But definitely before June 30th though.

This got me thinking. Dangerous. I know. Just what would the commitment level be?

Day One: Chapters 1-2
Day Two: Chapters 3-5
Day Three: Chapters 6-7

Day Four: Chapters 8-9
Day Five: Chapters 10-12
Day Six: Chapters 13-16

Day Seven: Chapters 17-19
Day Eight: Chapters 20-23
Day Nine: Chapters 24-25

Day Ten: Chapters 26-28
Day Eleven: Chapters 29-31
Day Twelve: Chapters 32-35

Day Thirteen: Chapters 36-37
Day Fourteen: Chapters 38-39
Day Fifteen: Chapters 40-42

Day Sixteen: Chapters 43-45
Day Seventeen: Chapters 46-47
Day Eighteen: Chapters 48-51

Day Nineteen: Chapters 52-54
Day Twenty: Chapters 55-57
Day Twenty-One: 58-63

Option A would be to read the novel in SEVEN weeks. Three daily assignments per week. That would give you days off potentially. And it seems manageable. But can anyone keep up the motivation to read the same book for seven weeks??? That is the question.

Option B would be to read the novel in FIVE weeks. Four daily assignments per week. Except for one week where there would be five. I don't think this would be too overwhelming. I see it as a viable option.

Option C would be to read the novel in THREE weeks. This would be seven daily assignments per week. It would be a bit intense perhaps unless you're really into reading and have time to commit. It would be about 40-50 pages per day. And some people just don't have the time.

Option D would be TO NOT READ THE NOVEL AT ALL. In other words, "Becky, there is NO WAY I'll ever commit to reading that book. I don't want to. Not gonna do it. You can't make me. If you want to read it, fine. But count me out."

What option is YOUR best option?

Option A (7 weeks)
Option B (5 weeks)
Option C (3 weeks)
Option D (0 Weeks)

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