Friday, February 08, 2008

Feedback Required...

I've got a few ideas bouncing around in my mind. But they require some feedback. I've always been eager to act, but I think some restraint is needed. Thus, I'm going to take a few steps back and let others try to influence me one way or the other.

Idea #1 The Andrew Davies Challenge

This is more of a viewing challenge than a reading challenge. No books would be required. But they wouldn't be discouraged either. The "challenge" would be to watch 2-4 movies (films, made-for-tv movies, tv mini-series, etc.) where Davies has written the screenplay. Examples include Bridget Jones' Diary, Pride & Prejudice (1995), etc. The wikipedia lists and IMDB give long lists of his work.

Idea #2 Something About Me--Movie Edition--Challenge

Last summer, I loved the Something about Me challenge. I loved it. It was just so much fun. It occurred to me then, and yet again yesterday. I think it would be fun to do a "Something About Me" movie edition challenge. Where participants would choose 5-7 movies that represent them in some way. Then the challenge would be to watch three to five movies from other participants' lists during the course of the challenge. This challenge doesn't involve books either. And while I know *some* book bloggers love movies, I'm not sure there is enough interest. Also, I'm not sure Lisa would like me borrowing her idea and adapting it. That challenge was so successful, so popular. And there might not be interest to do movies. And it wouldn't be much for only three or four participants. This is a case where more is always better. So it might just stay an idea unless there is overwhelming interest expressed.

Idea #3 Buddy Reading GWTW (Gone With The Wind)

Last fall--November to be exact--Leila of Bookshelves of Doom--hosted a "Big Read" a group reading of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. It was so much fun. There was a schedule to follow. And it was so much fun to read people's thoughts. Again there would need to be interest. The book wouldn't *have* to be Gone With The Wind. But it would need to be a book already in my TBR pile. And it couldn't be a newer book. Since the posts would by necessity contain spoilers for each chapter. Another candidate might be an Austen novel??? (Sense & Sensibility perhaps???) Anyway, let me know if anyone is interested in "reading" something alongside me.

Idea #4 An Initial Challenge

This challenge (name to be determined) would be to read a certain # of books with authors who publish under their initials. (C.S. Lewis. A.A. Milne. J.R.R. Tolkien. L.M. Montgomery. E.M. Forster. T.H. White. J.K. Rowling. R.L. Stine. e.e. cummings. D.H. Lawrence. J.D. Salinger. H.G. Wells. E. Nesbit. T.S. Eliot. E.B. White. P.G. Wodehouse. J.M. Barrie. W.B. Yeats. V.C. Andrews. G.K. Chesterton. T.E. Lawrence. O. Henry. H.A. Rey. Etc.) I'm sure you could come up with many more examples.


Melissa said...

My 2 cents: I like the initials idea and the something about me movie idea. I'd do the group read if it were a book I was more interested in reading. (I would have done Rebecca with Leila, but it was a bad time for me.)

Becky said...

Thanks, Melissa.

I'll be thinking of titles that I would like to do a group read. I would *potentially* maybe, maybe like to do this fairly regularly. I'm still thinking on how to get this one to work. As I think it would be really fun.


Unknown said...

I think my favorite of those would be #3. I like the idea of doing an almost "book clubish" thing with everyone.

soleil said...

i like the idea of a group read. these are all great ideas though. i'd probably participate in all of them. so creative, becky!