Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Year of the Rat

Lin, Grace. 2008. The Year of the Rat.

"Happy Year of the Rat!" Dad said as he toasted us with his glass. The clinking noises filled the air as the adults knocked glasses of wine against the kids' cups of juice.

What can I say about The Year of the Rat? Well, for starters it's a sequel to the oh-so-fabulous The Year of the Dog. I really loved the first novel. And I was super-excited to learn that another book was coming. It was one on my "wish list" for 2008 since early last spring.

The Year of the Rat continues the story of Pacy and her family and friends. She's a young girl, Tiawanese-American, who is "struggling" if you will with all the different shapes and sizes change can come in. The Year of the Rat, Pacy's told by her parents, symbolizes change. And change is something that can be more than a little scary for our young heroine.

One of the scariest changes for Pacy? Her best friend, Melody, is moving away! It's awful; it's terrible; it's true. Pacy now has the challenge or struggle of learning to live life without her best friend so close. School, her classmates, everything is different now. Emptier. Sadder. Lonelier. Can she find a place where she belongs?

This novel is all about being comfortable with who you are, discovering who you are, and learning what you want to be and see and do. It's a process. Change isn't always easy and it's definitely not always welcome. But Pacy will learn that a little change can be a good thing.

If you loved the first in the series, you're going to want to continue on with the rest. I just loved it!

182 pages.

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Melissa said...

I've heard nothing but good about these. I really must read them...