Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Travel the World: Japan: Cherry the Pig

Yamada, Utako. 2007. The Story of Cherry the Pig.

Originally published in 2002 in Japan, The Story of Cherry the Pig by Utako Yamada was published in America by Kane/Miller in 2007. It is a story about a pig who loves desserts. The theme of this one is in a way "To thine own self be true." It starts off simply, "Cherry the pig lived in a pretty little village known for its delicate willow treas and sweet, home-grown fruit." It continues, "Now all pigs love to eat, and Cherry was no exception. What she especially loved to eat though, was dessert." She doesn't just love eating desserts. She loves making them--baking them. She loves making people happy; she loves watching people enjoy what she has made. But Cherry's confidence took some time to build. And it was all thanks to a contest--a bake-off--at a local festival. The book is fun and more than a little delightful.

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