Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sense & Sensibility Schedule

The second book I'll be reading for an online reading group I'll be hosting is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. The sections are roughly 25-30 pps. in length.

The blog for that discussion is here.

Monday March 3rd: Chapters 1-7
Wednesday March 5th: Chapters 8-13
Friday March 7th: Chapters 14-18

Monday March 10th: Chapters 19-22
Wednesday March 12th: Chapters 23-27
Friday March 14th: Chapters 28-30

Monday March 17th: Chapters 31-34
Wednesday March 19th: 35-37
Friday March 21rst: 38-41

Monday March 24th: Chapters 42-44
Wednesday March 26th: 45-47
Friday March 28th: 48-50

The Masterpiece Theatre production will air Sunday March 30th and Sunday April 6th.


janiejane said...

I'm in for this!

Idaho Gal said...

Hey, do we need to sign up? I'm in too! I've never read this and wanted to for awhile.

Becky said...

'official' sign ups aren't required. To participate, just visit Becky's online reading group on assignment days. You may leave your thoughts there in the comments. Or you may leave links to blog posts.