Friday, February 01, 2008

I wonder which came first...

I was just browsing at this site to see what 'month' February was. I knew about Black History month obviously, and I had heard a teeny tiny bit about Library Lovers Month.

But if you read the list in full, you'll notice some strange things.

It is both Candy and Chocolate and Snack Food month.


It is also a month for heart health and dental health as well. And let us not forget "Wise Health Consumer Month" sponsored by the American Institute for Preventive Medicine.

(Also of lesser note it is "Potato Lovers Month" and "Canned Foods Month." You've got to wonder who comes up with "Canned Food" month. I mean I can understand the POTATO having lots of fans and lovers. People enthusiastic about spreading the word and all. But Canned Foods Month? Maybe someone was inspired after reading Life As We Knew It? Who knows. No, wait. Perhaps they teamed up with the inventors of the Return Shopping Carts to the Super Market Month. In all fairness though, I do eat plenty of canned foods.)

Also teaming up rather nicely are Friendship Month and Embroidery Month.

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