Friday, February 08, 2008

Poll for Reading Group

Which book would you be most interested in reading as a group?

Gone With The Wind
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Anne of Green Gables
Secret Garden
Sense and Sensibility

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chrisa511 said...

I went with Anne of Green Gables...sorry if I wasn't supposed to give away my answer! I've just never read those books before and I hear everyone talk about them all the time and how much they've enjoyed them!

Becky said...

No, problem, Chris. I'm just looking for input anyway I can get it :)

Emma said...

I said Gone with the wind, but that was just me thinking I hadn't read it in ages. Upon reflection it's too long for a group reading book I think!

Hmm, I like all the other books. I can see Anne working and Sense and Sensibility also has lots of stuff in in to talk about.