Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And we're back to 37...

Alyssa of The Shady Glade is hosting a reading challenge. It runs from whenever you sign up (that would be January 23rd for me) until April 20th 2008.

I am copying the rules directly from her site. I hope she doesn't mind. If I don't copy the rules, I have a tendency to forget them and get all flustered later on. A flustered Becky is not a happy one.

You can overlap with other challenges. (Which is a VERY good thing.)

You must read at least one book that covers each of these 9 categories:
  • Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
  • Poetry, Drama, or Humor (any of these will work)
  • Sports, Mystery, Supernatural/Paranormal (any of these will work)
  • Fantasy or Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Classic “juvenile” fiction (first published pre-1920)
  • Graphic Novel
  • Audiobook
There can be overlap between categories. For example, if you read a graphic novel that’s fantasy, then it counts for both. Or maybe your audio book is historical fiction. You get the idea. So you may have 9 books on your list, you may not.

Only 1 book per author is allowed. This means once you’ve read something by that author, you can’t read another book by the same author.

I don't have a list yet. I'm not really worried about making one. I will choose which books go for this challenge as I go.

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