Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time to Share Thoughts on Northanger Abbey

Tonight the second Austen movie will be airing on PBS. (Check local listings for time of course.) I finished reading the novel last night. But I want to wait to review the book until I've had a chance to see the movie. That way I can review both all in one post. Here is MY REVIEW of both the movie and the book.

If you've seen and/or read Northanger Abbey, I'd be curious to read your thoughts. Please share your experiences in the comments.

It's not too late to share your thoughts on Persuasion either. (Just saying.)

It's not too late to join up for the Jane Austen mini-challenge. Read or watch ANY two books and/or movies. :)

Here are my thoughts.
Here are Tricia's thoughts.
Here are Melissa's thoughts.

Here are the current participants:

Chris from Stuff As Dreams Are Made On ...
Ex Libris
Michelle (3M) from 1MoreChapter
Stephanie from Stephanie's Confession of a Bookaholic
Pattie from FreshBrewedWriter
Melissa from Book Nut
Debbi from My Reading Spot (? She didn't specify if she was joining the Austen and the Tolkien or just the Tolkien ?)
Ladytink_534 from The Movieholic & Bibliophile's Blog (She was one that was on the fence, but considering it...)
Kate (didn't specify if it was Austen and Tolkien both or just one of the two...unless I hear otherwise...I'm assuming she's in for the Austen)
Gautami Tripathy from My Own Reading Room
Angliophile Football Fanatic
Susan from Susan Loves To Read
Alisonwonderland from So Many Books, So Little Time
Curiouser and Curiouser
Webster Twelb
Chris from Book-a-rama
Historia from BiblioHistoria
Journey From An Inquiring Mind
Kirsten from Nose in A Book
nsr (?)
Sarah R.
Marina from Book a Tea
Full time in NM
Joy of Thoughts for Joy
April of Cafe of Dreams
Jenny up the hill
Susan from You Can Never Have Too Many Books
Dewey from Hidden Side of A Leaf
Nessie from The Biblio Files

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