Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bookish Facts Meme

Sally tagged me for this bookish meme.

The meme is to list seven bookish facts about myself. (And subsequently to tag others to play along.)

1) I like to reread books. There are certain phases in my life which I identify with specific books. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card is my favorite book. I reread it every year. I have yet to tire of it. In fact, I come to each reading with joy and excitement. I don't have to read it every year--I haven't forgotten what adventures Ender has--but I want to read it every year. And I've been reading it every year since fall 2000. The only other book that has gotten this treatment is Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I first read it around 1991 or 1992. I read it every year probably until '99 or 2000.

2) I have a hard time listening to audio books. I can listen to a book I've previously read, however. The Book Thief is a great audio book. I just loved it!

3) I do most of my reading (in bed) between the hours of 9PM and 2AM. If I try to read during the day, I generally fall asleep. This is especially true if I try to read between 1PM and 3PM and 5PM and 7PM. My guess is it has to do with my eating schedule.

4) Loving books is in my DNA. I come from a long line of readers. These aren't folks that just happened to read a book every now and again, reading was purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling. As necessary to life as breathing and eating.

5) Gift cards (given with the intent to buy books) have always been one my favorite gifts. I remember the good-old-days when you could buy kids paperback books for $1.95. My aunt used to give me a $5 gift certificate to a bookstore in the local mall for Christmas. $5 would buy two books--The Gymnasts & The Babysitters Club were my two favorite series--and a bookmark too. You'd almost find it impossible to buy even one paperback book with $5 today.

6) I'm not really a book snob. Meaning, I don't have a problem using the library or buying used books. Granted, I'm not going to buy the dog-chewed, cat-peed, suspicious-smelling copy no matter how badly I want to read the book or no matter how cheap. But my books don't have to be new or perfect. I'm not hardcover only, paperback only, avoid mass-market at all costs, picky.

7) I love the book group I created on google. I'm really looking forward to January. We're going to be reading The Book Thief.

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Smash said...

:o) I'm stealing this, with due credit of course! Fun idea.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha you are pretty funny. Very interesting. But funny too. What's wrong with the cat-peed copy, I want to know. Can you truly call yourself a book lover if you let a bit of cat pee turn you off?