Monday, November 10, 2008

Until We Reach Home

Austin, Lynn. 2008. Until We Reach Home. Bethany House.

Elin Carlson walked into the barn and everything changed.

Elin is the oldest of three sisters. Her younger sisters, Kirsten and Sofia, don't always appreciate their older sister looking out for them; her bossing them around. But since the death of their mother and father, Elin has taken this burden or responsibility upon her young shoulders. True, Uncle Sven and Aunt Karin came to "help" the Carlson family run the farm. But as Elin sees it, the two--especially Uncle Sven--have been far from helpful. In fact, she blames them for her brother, Nils, deciding to move away to Stockholm. Life on the family farm and in this small Swedish village is far from Elin.

Elin's dreams include finding a way to bring herself and her sisters to Chicago. And Uncle Lars and his wife seem to be providing the way for Elin's dreams to become a reality. But this journey--both physically, spiritually, and emotionally--will be troubling for all three girls in three very different ways.

Set in Sweden and the United States near the turn of the twentieth century, this family story has it all--love, loss, heartache, joy, sorrow, fear, hope, peace, and turmoil. The novel illustrates patience, perseverance, grace, compassion, and above all else hope and faith in the midst of uncertainty.

Lynn Austin is one of my favorite Christian authors. I tend to love, love, love her books. Until We Reach Home is no exception. I'd definitely recommend this one to fans of historical fiction or historical romance.

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Tricia said...

I just grabbed A Proper Pursuit at the bookstore, but I've never read anything from her before. So, I'm excited to get to it!