Thursday, November 20, 2008

OT: Things I Want On DVD

I want Beauty and the Beast. Disney. True, it *was* available on DVD. But it was in the window when no one in my house had a DVD player yet. The second we had a DVD player--two or three of them in fact--it was already pulled from shelves and back in the vault. Which was just wrong!

April in Paris with Doris Day. I love this musical. And true, they've got it as one of those Amazon-video-on-demand deals. Where you can download a copy to your computer for a price. But it ONLY works on PCs. So essentially, it's still completely unavailable for me.

Doctor, You've Got To Be Kidding with Sandra Dee and George Hamilton. (1967) Loved, loved, loved this one growing up. Anything Sandra Dee I adored actually.

Take Her, She's Mine with Sandra Dee and Jimmy Stewart. (1963). Don't get me wrong, I love that If A Man Answers and That Funny Feeling are available on DVD. But I want MORE Sandra Dee.

Ally McBeal. Complete Series. I still don't get why this series hasn't made the jump to DVD in America. True, it's available on DVD in formats that won't play on American DVD players. (Different regions. But how much good will that do me????)

Bundle of Joy with Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. (1956). I *love* this movie. Why oh why isn't it on DVD yet????

The Wonder Years. Complete Series. With all the TV that is being put onto DVD--no matter how mediocre--why can't this one be available???

The Second Time Around with Debbie Reynolds. (1961)

Good Morning, Miss Dove (1955) According to IMDB, it stars Jennifer Jones. Great movie. Great book. Neither are readily available.

I'm going to open this up now to YOU. What movies or tv shows (or mini-series for that matter) do YOU want to see released (or rereleased) (or remastered) on DVD???

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Shonda said...

I loved Ally McBeal! I never thought about it not being on DVD until I read your post... good catch!

Anonymous said...

I loved The Wonder Years - things were so much simpler back then!

Also, any old musicals I always get my daughter to watch with me. Sandra Dee is also one of my favorites!


Unknown said...

I waited 13 years for the original cartoon 101 Dalmations to be released, either VHS or DVD! It's my favorite and I wanted to buy it for my nephews before they were born. They will turn 14 this spring and it just became available in the last few months. Now they're too old. Disney missed an entire generation.
I love all those Doris Day movies, too! They used to be on after school when I was a kid.

DesLily said...

unfortunately, there's just not the "sale potential" on most old movies. Add to that, who knows how many "new formats" they will release for movies.. they already have blu-ray which cannot be played on a normal dvd player..who knows how many more ways they will invent ? most, like myself cannot afford to get all my vhs movies in dvd even if they all were made into dvd's (I have over 500 movies.. cannot afford 500 dvds, just to replace them, much as I wish I could!)

Tina's Blog said...

Being a true child of the 80s, I love old sitcoms, and as a mom there just isn't much for my kids to watch on tv these days that is appropriate. What about Webster starring Emmanuel Lewis? I think my kids would love that one. I am still waiting for Eight is Enough to come out on DVD and the Wonder Years, too.

Nan said...

Well, this couldn't have been more fun to read, Becky! I'm a Sandra Dee fan myself! What about Gidget, and the 2nd and 3rd Tammy movies? They are all available from Netflix. I remember the book of Good Morning, Miss Dove. Whew- that was a long time ago. :<) There's an old Debbie Reynolds I'd like to see-Say One For Me. A tv show I want to see is Everwood. All that is available is the first season, and I want to see more! And more American Dreams - again just the first season is on dvd. Also, thirtysomething. I can't believe it isn't on dvd. With so many of the actors having gone on to great success in other shows, you'd think they would want to release this. And one other is Relativity. A great, great series about family. Again, a lot of the actors have become famous since. I can't figure out the movie/tv/dvd world.

Becky said...


Gidget. I own the gidget collection--found it used actually--but only the sandra dee will do. I know that they change gidgets along the way in the movies. I think almost all the actors change actually. Anyway, the second and third movies were almost unbearable.

I'll be receiving the Tammy collection for Christmas this year. I am SO excited. Debbie Reynolds and Sandra Dee :) I loved all three of these as a kid.

Becky said...


I can't quite remember what year the VHS was released--I want to say that I was in at least sixth grade if not older. (Granted, I'd had the record as a child.) But I fell in love with 101 Dalmations. And I was doing a little happy dance when it released on DVD last year or last spring...whenever it was. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that movie.

Lindsey said...

I'm always on the lookout for old movies on DVD! I have a couple sets of Cary Grant movies on DVD and my husband has sets of Errol Flynn movies, lol. Oh, and I have Deanna Durbin. :-) I enjoy them so much! Strangely, I haven't seen any of the classic movies you mentioned... guess I'll have to get on that! Hope Costco gets some in...

Shelley said...

Ally McBeal is tops on my list of what I'm waiting for on DVD. At one time I watched a few clips that were available on You Tube, but then they were taken off.

Anonymous said...

The Writer loves Sandra Dee and wanted to look just like her! Oh, she remembers reading Good Morning, Miss Dove--go find the book and READ it! Way better than the movie! The Writer, as you know, is stuck back in the 1920s, and loves anything vintage. She adores all the Merchant Ivory productions (she also wanted to be Helena Bonham Carter) and has quite a few. She also has all the Disney classics on VHS. What the world doesn't know is that The Writer's favorite TV drama series is . . . . Miami Vice!!! She has a used collector's edition in VHS and is hinting for the set in DVD.

Kim said...

What a fun list of movies. I don't think I have ever seen any Sandra Dee but I am reminded of her every day at work when I call over the intercom that my daughter's family is there for their appointment. I am a receptionist and she is a speech therapist at the same place. Her name is Sarah, but because we have to Sarahs working there we use their last initial in the overhead page. So, "Sarah D your family is here!"

I didn't realize that the book Miss Dove was so hard to get. I guess I will hang on to my hardback edition I purchased at a library sale last year for 25 cents....and I had no idea there was a movie!

The tv series we own so far are: The Waltons, first 2 seasons. I love, love that show. Emergency, season 1 and St. Elsewhere, season 1. I am afraid to go online to search out all the other possibilities to own, as I think that could get to be an expensive collection! :)