Friday, November 21, 2008

Play Me

Ruby, Laura. 2008. Play Me.

Most people turn into complete morons when you put them in front of the camera, and thank God for that.

I liked the first line. In fact, that's probably my favorite thing about this one. I think this is a case of a reader being disconnected from the book in hand. I don't blame the book for the disconnect. I just failed to connect with the characters and the story. (If I'm going to blame anyone, then I'll lay the blame fully on Tippi Hedren. Tippi is the narrator's pet bird--I'm supposing it's a parrot of some sort since it speaks, though I am FAR from an expert on birds.)

Eddy is a high school student who has big plans. He wants to be a writer, director, and cameraman. He's all about making movies. Right now, his current project--making episodes of Riot Grrl 16, is keeping him plenty busy. If his show gets viewers votes, he could be on his way to making it to MTV. But while his 'professional' life seems to be getting on track--and off track, then back on, then off, then back on, then off, etc.--his love life isn't about love at all. Lust. Lust. Lust. And Eddy is fine with that, fine with being a player. But then he falls and falls hard for the one girl he probably couldn't get anyway: Lucinda Dulko.

I suppose this one classifies as a coming-of-age story where a player gets played and semi-learns a lesson about life and love and friendship. I just didn't care for Eddy.

I think it will appeal to other readers. There are film references galore. The whole movie-pop-culture world really. I'm sure 90% went right over my head. I did catch the reference to llama llama duck.

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