Saturday, November 08, 2008

Weekly Geeks 24: Spotlight on C.K. Kelly Martin

One of the books that I'm all gushy about is I KNOW IT'S OVER by C.K. Kelly Martin. Instead of choosing an ever-fabulous author--like John Green--who doesn't need much in the way of publicity...I thought I'd go with a debut author that you've probably never heard of...but really should seek out!!!
  • I Know It's Over is her first book.
  • Her second book, One Lonely Degree, will be released in May 2009.
  • Her third book, The Lighter Side of Life and Death, will probably be released in 2010.
  • John Irvings' A Prayer for Owen Meany is on her top ten list of all time favorite books.
  • She lives near Toronto, but she's an Irish citizen. (Loves Dublin!)
  • Here's an interesting post from her blog, "Four Letter Words and Other Uncomfortable Truths."
  • Listen to the soundtrack of I Know It's Over.
  • Read the first chapter of I Know It's Over.
  • Read an author interview at Reading Keeps You Sane.
  • Read my review of the book here.
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Marg said...

Very cool to choose a debut author!

The Bookworm said...

great author choice!

Louise said...

Now there are many authors I dont know about, specially those from abroad (I am in Denmark myself) and I have not heard about John Green either ;o) Anyway, your post made for interesting reading. Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Interesting and very nice of you to choose a debut author. What's with the soundtrack? is this already being made into a movie or just songs that lend themselves well to the mood of the book? Just wondering....