Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gaskell Challenge Completed

Read and/or watch TWO works by Elizabeth Gaskell

1) Wives and Daughters

2) I watched the movie Wives and Daughters. At the time I watched it. I was *so* sure I'd fit in another book that I didn't write down my thoughts on the movie as a backup. I checked out the movie at the local library. It was on VHS. And the tapes weren't in the best condition. I guess they'd gotten lots of use through the years. But I liked this movie. A lot. So much so that I put the Gaskell DVD Boxed Set on my wish list.

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Angela said...

You should watch "North & South" based on the book by Gaskell. I haven't read the book yet, but LOVED the movies! It's like Pride & Prejudice set during the Industrial Revolution ... and I must say that I think I like Mr. Thornton better than Mr. Darcy!! Especially the end! Watch it!

And yes, I liked Wives & Daughters, too. But I couldn't get into Cranford. Maybe I'll give it another shot next year.